Past Courses

Animal Sculpture with Nick Mackman

10 Day Intensive Anatomy with Lynne Brankojevicz

Wire Sculpture with Celia Smith

Darjit Garden Sculpture with Kobi Beck 

Casting with Luke Shepherd

Portrait with Eudald de Juana Gorriz

Ecorché with Jason Arkles

Portrait Head and Shoulders with Suzie Zamit

Abstracting the Figure with Lucianne Lassalle

Figurative Sculpting with Lynne Brankojevicz

Sculpting the Torso from Life with Eudald de Juana Gorriz 

Animal Sculpture with Nick Mackman

Sculpting the Portrait from Life in Clay with Eran Webber

Figurative Sculpture Course: Exploring Gesture and Dynamic Poses with Lynn Brankojevicz 

Darjit Garden Sculpture with Kobi Beck

Sculpting the Portrait with Valentina Zlatarova 

Sculpting Portrait in Smaller Scale with Eudald de Juana Gorriz

Sculpting Animals with Nick Mackman

Sculpting the Torso from Life with Eudald De Juana Gorriz

Sculpting the Figure from Life with Eran Webber.

Exploring Gesture and Form with Lynn Brankojevicz

Sculpting the Torso (life size) with Valentina Zlatarova

Sculpting the Portrait with Valentina Zlatarova

Sculpting the Dog, from Life, in Wax with Ellen Christiansen

Animal Sculpture Workshop with Nick Mackman